The Mercenary Camp — Where summoners gather to raid Dragons

  • Form raid parties with five adventurers
  • Equip your crafted weapons and armor
  • Select a Dragon from the Lair contract to challenge
  • Fight in a tough round-based combat against the Dragon
  • Emerge victorious or die trying
Round-based, D&D-Style combat with a full combat log! This image is a created from logs of a raid.

The Dragons are real; and they grow stronger

Get your adventurers ready

Fight the Dragon in round based combat

The Dragon fights back

The Dragon is dead; Long live the treasure

Notes on randomness, upgradeability


  • We will monitor the adventures and make balance changes as necessary
  • A graphical interface is in development, but will need some time
  • Once we are happy with the contract, gold rewards will be added!
  • The Order of the Burning Dawn is not just looking for Dragons…




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